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St. Genesius Awards

Join us as we celebrate this years honorees at our annual Gala this June.

Since 2018, Open Stage has honored artists & volunteers with the Saint Genesius Award, in recognition of outstanding dedication to the theatre. The theatre looks forward to honoring dedicated board members and volunteers and loyal artists who have gone above and beyond in the season to create great art. In addition to an engraved hourglass award, the honorees are gifted a St. Genesius medal. St. Genesius is the patron saint of actors, but the charm is a lucky charm for theatre people when it is gifted. 

Thank you to all of our honorees


Tristan Stasiulis, lighting designer


Christopher Baldrige, board member (6 terms)

The Carter Family, volunteers

Stacy Reck, stage manager 

Brian Schreffler, actor


Sharia Benn, actor, producer & director

Janice R. Black, board member (3 terms)

Dr. Kimeka Campbell, host of Black NewsBeat

Harold Dunbar, board member (3 terms)

Nicholas Hughes, actor & board emeritus

Rebecca Stevenson McClure, board member

Mary Simmonds, board member (3 terms)


Jennie Adams, writer, My Talented Friends LIVE!

TJ Creedon, cohost of The Obstructed View

Liz Curtis, writer, My Talented Friends LIVE!

Christopher Ellis, virtual season contributing artist

Jason Fickley, writer, My Talented Friends LIVE!

Matthew Golden, cohost of The Obstructed View

Eliot Hocke, staff of The Obstructed View

Patrick Hughes, writer, My Talented Friends LIVE! 

Wayne Landon, volunteer

Dan MacGregor, volunteer

Phillip Mann, virtual season contributing artist

Jerry Stevens II, virtual season contributing artist

David Richwine, writer, My Talented Friends LIVE!

Jess Ross, virtual season contributing artist

Stacey & Nick Werner, musical cohosts of My Talented Friends LIVE!

David Ramon Zayas, cohost of The Obstructed View


Alexis Dow Campbell, actor & Court Street Cabaret cohost

Barbara L. Schell, board member & 30/30 capital campaign chair


Bill Angino, board member (6 terms)

Joanne Bakel, board member (3 terms)

Kevin Cole, technician

Brad Delzer, actor & director

Megan Mwaura, actor & student


Moire Brandt, board member (3 terms)

Maddie McCann, actor

Karen Ruch, director & actor

Randee Stevens, stage manager 

Abby Tierney, board member (3 terms), Capital 10-Miler director

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