An Iliad

by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare

based on Homer’s The Iliad, translated by Robert Fagles

original score by Colin Holter

originally produced by True North Theatre and directed by Brad Delzer

About the Show

“’s a good story. I-I remember a lot of it -  I remember a lot of it…”

Homer’s epic tale of violence, revenge and heroism is retold through a modern lens in Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare’s post-modernist play An Iliad.  The story of the Trojan War hits close to home as the mysterious and enigmatic “Poet” recounts the days of the war in a gripping one-person monologue - and it is a story that is all too familiar.

Originally produced by True North Theatre in 2017 and directed by Brad Delzer, An Iliad made landfall in the Capital area at shelters, libraries, and various non-traditional spaces that served as the stage for Thomas Weaver, returning in this remounted production as The Poet.

This captivating and intimate theatrical experience will play for four online performances, and will be available to audiences around Harrisburg (and around the world) on a sliding scale. Ancient warfare collides with humor, poetry, and vivid storytelling to emerge as a powerful piece on mankind’s love affair with war.


Sliding-Scale Tickets

$6.00 - $1,000.00

Be a Producer! Any ticket purchased for $100 or more includes a virtual Happy Hour with actor Tom Weaver and musician Joseph Osborne.

Upcoming Performances

Thu, May 28 at 7:00 PM

Watch Live or Recorded (48-hour window)

Fri, Jun 5 at 7:00 PM

Watch Live or Recorded (48-hour window)

Sat, Jun 13 at 7:00 PM

Watch Live or Recorded (48-hour window)

May 28 - June 13, 2020

Content Advisory

Recommended for patrons age 14 or older.


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