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Open Stage Season 37 Auditions

SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION: (updated process) please email for a slot on Sat April 16.

2022/2023 AUDITIONS - Open Stage is holding general auditions for its upcoming 37th Season. Rehearsals and performances in Harrisburg, PA. Non-equity. Compensation paid.

Auditions will be held on Sunday, April 10 1pm to 5pm and Saturday, April 16 1pm to 5pm.

SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION: (updated process) please email for a slot on Sun April 10 or Sat April 16.

If you are auditioning for a musical or cabarets, please prepare 32 bars of a musical theatre song. An accompanist will be provided, please do not sing a cappella. All auditioning should prepare a one minute contemporary monologue. Please bring a headshot and resume 9or recent picture). Children may audition. Children under the age of 12 should prepare a joke or story.

Auditions will be held at Open Stage, located at 25 N. Court St. Harrisburg PA 17101. The theatre is located on the street level of the Walnut Street Parking Garage. Street parking is free up to 3-4 hours on Saturdays with the discount code LUVHBG on the ParkMobile app.

SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION: (updated process) please email for a slot on Sat April 16.

No phone calls. If you are unable to attend any of the auditions listed, please feel free to submit all materials, including videos, to

Seeking performers for roles in the following productions:

September 2022 Jolene: A Dolly Parton Song Cycle

October 2022 Treasure Island

October 2022 Court Street Cabaret: After Hours

December 2022 A Christmas Carol

December 2022 A Very Court Street Cabaret Christmas

February 2023 Into the Woods

March 2023 The Diary of Anne Frank

March 2023 Anne & Emmett (co-production with Sankofa)

April 2023 Tiny Beautiful Things

May 2023 Poirot Investigates!

Open Stage Season 37 Casting Breakdowns

Court Street Cabaret: After Hours

& A Very Court Street Cabaret Christmas

Production Schedule: Various rehearsal in October and December.

SEEKING Singers to perform showtunes in The Court Street Cabaret.

Jolene: A Dolly Parton Song Cycle

Production Schedule: Rehearsals begin Aug 20. Tech begin Aug 27. Performances Sep 8 to 11. Production schedule draft can be viewed here.

SEEKING 3 to 5 singers to perform in the style of Dolly Parton.

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson; adapted by Byrony Lavery

Production Schedule: Rehearsals begin Aug 30. Tech begin Sep 24. Performances Oct 8 to 29. Production schedule draft can be viewed here. Daytime student matinees are planned for October 13, 14, 20, and 21.

General Casting Notes: Pirates will have come from around the world , so we won't assume they all speak "like pirates". If we indicate 30+ (for example), then we are literally looking at any age above 30. In addition, all genders will be considered for all roles, unless noted. Silver could as easily be a 70-year old man as a 30-year old woman or non-binary performer.


Jim Hawkins (F/NB, playing teenager)

Jim has been living and working in her grandma’s pub for as long as she can remember. Naturally resourceful, intelligent and adventurous, she yearns for a more exciting life. Treasure Island is that more exciting life, it’s Jim’s coming-of-age story and how her life will be defined.

Grandma Hawkins (F/NB, 50+)

Grandma Hawkins is the doughty landlady of the Admiral Benbow Inn, and she has to be, with her dodgy clients. Her relationship with Jim is the springboard for the adventure, and provides the ‘heart’ in the story that motivates her grand-daughter.

Doctor Livesey (F/NB, 30+)

Magistrate and doctor, used to having his/her own way

Squire Trelawney (30+)

Headstrong and posh, the Squire is tempted by the money and an overwhelming sense of superiority.

Mrs. Crossley (F/NB, 40+)

Pub regular, a pious gossip and Grandma's BFF. A small part, but key to establishing the soul of the village

RedRuth (F/NB)

A salty sea dog, loyal to the bloody end

Job Anderson

Sailor, who stands up to John Silver and dies honorably and gruesomely.

Lucky Micky

A treacherous villager and sailor, driven by self-interest and the easiest way

Silent Sue (F/NB)

Never to be found too far from RedRuth, her apparent timidity finds voice in her expressive and over the top gestures. Lots of comic and tragic potential.

Shanty Singer

Appears several times to lead the singing of songs; could double.

Bill Bones

Haunted by his past, Bill Bones has to keep moving to stay alive. But he knows his time will come.

Black Dog

Scuttling and scary, black through to the very heart. There is no redeeming a pirate like Black Dog.

Blind Pew

A terrifying villain.

Captain Smollett (30+)

An honorable sailor, whose untimely death threatens our heroes' very existence.

John Silver (30+)