Open Stage at School

We hope this finds you well. And to start, THANK YOU for everything you do as educators in our community. We know what a difficult time this is for teachers, administrators, and students, 


We are sad that we will not be able to present theatre in a traditional way, but we are excited by the opportunities that social media, streaming platforms, and modern technology has afforded us.


Our goal this season is to make professional theatre accessible and free to any person who wants to see it, even in times where we cannot safely gather. So we would like to offer you access to all nine of our productions this season, which stream on our YouTube page.


Open Stage will offer free streaming of any show in the season to schools looking for a “virtual field trip.”


In addition to the stream we have lesson plans and resources available for each production. If you would like to support the work of Open Stage, you can buy access on a sliding scale. We know that many schools have access to funds for field trips, and we, like many cultural entities across the country, would like to offer up a “Virtual Field Trip Package” to accompany all of our literature-based productions.

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What's Included

Our Virtual Field Trip Package includes access to all nine of our productions this season.

9 Recorded Literature-Based Productions

Lesson Plans for Each Production

Example Lesson Plan below.

Accompanying Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Virtual Meetups with Cast Members

Projects & Guides 

Discussion Questions

Writing Prompts


We hope your school will consider utilizing “Open Stage at School,” and if you are able to pay for these services out of your 2020-2021 budget, we would greatly appreciate it.

However, we know times are difficult, and the theatre is here for you and your students. To us, theatre is priceless, so if your school is unable to make a donation we can still give you access to these great shows!

Donate As Low as $0

Open Stage wants theatre to be accessible, if your school is unable to make a donation you can still access these great shows and resources.


$900 Donation


$1,800 Donation


$5,400+ Donation
Our recommended donation amount based on our past pricing of $18/student.

Available Shows

Click on a show for more information.

Example Lesson Plan

For example, the Lesson Plan for Frankenstein will include:

  1. 10 short writing prompts

  2. 20 discussion questions

  3. 10-question quizzes (x 3)

  4. 2 Compare/Contrast essay prompts

  5. “Stage Blood 101” How prop artisans mix up different stage blood

  6. “Design Your Own Costume/Design Your Own Set” package

    • downloadable as a PDF or Powerpoint, or accessed through Google Slides

  7. A dramaturgical guide for the play

  8. “The Making of a Monster” makeup video

  9. A 30-60 minute virtual meetup with two cast members for a Q&A