Help us raise  $30,000  for Open Stage's

30/30 Capital Campaign

by November 6th!

Only with  your help  can we reach our goal!

Donate and get  Perks! 

Donors that contribute 10/2/19 to 11/6/19 can take advantage of these great perks! Tickets, posters, subscriptions, tours, private shows, and compliments from our new box office manager! Delightful.

The 30/30 Campaign Vision

 Open Stage's newly renovated home opens later this month!

Only with  your help  can we reach our goal!

Renovation & Refurbishment

Increased Visibility

With a new entrance directly on Court Street, a marquee, and a mural on the side of the building, we are turning our alley into an artistic storefront worthy of an artistic experience for our patrons.


Improved Audience Experience

With the new Lehr Box Office, bar, comfortable seating, aesthetic upgrades, and state-of-the-art lights and sound, the St. Hilaire Lobby Bar  and the Main Stage are sure to impress.


Upgraded Artist Experience

Dressing rooms, tools, scene and costume shops, kitchens, security, offices, and storage will be reimagined to fully utilize the footprint of the building, improving the experience of our talented family of artists.


Solid Student Experience

Our current classroom will be converted to a second stage, useful for readings, new plays, cabaret, and student productions. A new classroom will be created for The Alsedek Theatre School

Reserve Funds & Endowment

A percentage of our campaign will go to replenish the “rainy day” cash fund and the endowment fund, ensuring the organization’s long-term financial health and security.


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